Embody and Monetise
your Ideas
like never before!

We build first worldwide blockchain driven
production idea's market platform

How it Work's

We provide unique


Global Brands

Discover thousands of bright ideas coming directly from your customers with our First Blockchain Production Idea's Market!
We are cutting costs of marketing researches and production by generating a flow of ideas from customers.

Local producers

YouTweak.it platform provide numbers of Tweaking ideas from your local market customers, so your business will never be more efficient and flexible. Need to pre test new functionality or brand new product?
Just ask your customers opinion directly!


Have an idea how to modernise or upgrade belowed products and don't know how to share it with production brand? Without any patenting?  YouTweak.It Blockchain platform provides direct access to production facilities of Brands for everyone!

on Air!

We offer only 120 000 YTI token
On Stage 1!


november 2013

Main idea and
market research

november  2017

White Paper release

14 december 2017                         

Ethereum Smart-Contract based
Pre-ICO Launch


30 december 2017                         

Pre-ICO Finalization

Finalization and statistics publishing. 

december 2017    -    january 2018                     

Company registration start

Operation company of our project is not established yet because this process costs a lot. We consider to establish a operational company in Gibraltar.

      January 2018                

First YouTweak.iT Dapps deployment on PoA Network 

01 february 2018                         

1st ICO Tier

03 march 2018

ICO Finalization

    march 2017                     

Open letter
for all
Brands and Global Companies.

april 2018

Verified Validator's Nodes presentation. 
YouTweak.iT - alpha version service release.

30 april 2018                         

2nd ICO Tier
(CrossChained on PoA Network)

We decided to make 2 Tier of our ICO crosschained on as we use PoA Network public blockchain engine we need some PoA coins.

Crowdsale Page link

Just go to our official ssl secured crowdsale page and follow user friendly crowdsale interface. If you don't have MetaMask plugin installed just send considered amount of ETH to our CrowdSale Pre-ICO contract adress WITH DATA field containing THIS - 0xa6f2ae3a 

We are happy to announce that our token price is 0.0025 ETH for 1 YTI during Stage 1 of ICO Challenge!

YouTweak.iT ICO


Alexandr Draganov

Alexandr Draganov
PhD, associated professor of international relations

Translation, editing, language support


Alexandr Voropaev


Sergey Ribas

Sergey Rybas 



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Developers & Advisors

Svetlana Melnikova

Svetlana Melnikova

Legal Advisor

Sergey Sevantsyan

Sergey Sevantsуаn

Blockchainer, Adviser, ICO Supervisor, Social-engineer

Technologies & Media


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